My entire life, a silent whisper has echoed “more” into my ears. Earlier yearnings came in the form of wanting a better job, later yearnings manifested as wanting a partner to share my life with, and still other times I’ve desired more joy, more connection, more of my time spent living purposefully. Little by little, I amassed the tools that allow me to hear clearly when the call for more arises, and to take action to step into a bigger expression of my essence.

Yoga was the first tool that helped me to expand my capabilities as a powerful force in the world. It woke me up to who I was and the potential that bubbled just under the surface. Evolve is my way of sharing these tools.

The personalized yoga sequence you’ll receive will facilitate you in coming into your breath and quieting your mind, as you find steadiness in asana and attain increased balance and an enhanced connection to your highest Self.  We’ll design the sequence to create a specific energetic effect that will positively impact your life, whether you’d like to to increase your energy and vitality, or you want to relax and rejuvenate from the stresses of life. You’ll also receive personalized meditation instruction targeted to help you learn tools for quieting your mind and creating stillness that results in expansion.

EXPERIENCE: I  have practiced yoga and meditation since 2000 and taught since 2008. I received my 500-hour certificate from ParaYoga. I am also a trained Yin Yoga teacher.

TEACHING:  Sundays, 6 PM, Gentle Vinyasa, Studio 34, 4522 Baltimore Avenue, Philadelphia, Pa.

Wednesdays, 5:45-6:45 PM, Gentle Vinyasa, Studio 34, 4522 Baltimore Avenue, Philadelphia, Pa.

Private corporate  class, 4 PM, University City, Philadelphia, Pa.

READ:  Articles I’ve written about the practice of yoga and meditation include:

— yoga as a practice to increase self-knowledge: Is Your Yoga Changing With You?

— yoga bestowing the gift of presence: Yoga: A Method for Escaping or Diving In?

— yoga supporting the challenging of convention: David Beat Goliath Using Yoga