I believe we already have everything we need to create the most fulfilled life. Then why aren’t we living our best life? One reason is that our energy gets tied up in old patterns that keep us stuck. In a 50-minute coaching session with me, we will partner to bring awareness to those old patterns, facilitate release, and use that liberated energy to create what we really want. Using the F.A.C.T.  process, we will work together regarding any issue or potential to:

F: Face the issue or potential, giving our full attention to the accompanying beliefs, emotions, and body sensations.

A: Accept the issue or potential, using our body wisdom to bring awareness to any beliefs or emotions that we haven’t fully accepted, so that we stop fighting with reality and come to be with what is.

C: Choose what’s next, by using breath and movement to presence and express what we want to create and to claim that desire.

T: Take action by committing to measurable and enjoyable action steps that move us in the direction of what we really want.

This F.A.C.T. process is a part of the Big Leap tools taught by the Hendricks Institute. The Big Leap  helps us to create the ground of energy we need to create our best life, which includes a positive relationship with ourselves and the ones we love. The tools are designed result in an essence-driven life and deeper, more connected relationships. The best part is, it’s fun and collaborative. Coaching is a co-creation—an experiential hour that includes movement, laughter, breathing exercises, and role play, all designed to move through blockages and add more energy to the areas ripe for expansion

Sessions begin with a centering exercise to help us get anchored in the present. We then wonder into what you’d like to explore. There are a number of tools we can use to gain insight into your patterns. All of the coaching tools are empowering and help you to acknowledge unconscious commitments that are organizing your current reality, and then choose conscious commitments that reflect what you really want to create in your life. We generate measurable action steps that you can take immediately to bring more vitality and connection to your life, and we play with ways to celebrate your ability to come into 100% responsibility.

EXPERIENCE: I became a Big Leap Coach in 2012. I am also a graduate of the Hendricks Institute’s Leadership and Transformation program, facilitation track. This 2-year immersion program prepares graduates to facilitate individual and couples coaching, and large group exercises in a workshop format.

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