Who is the You?

What innate gifts did you once have that you’ve lost touch with, and how can you reclaim those now? Who is the You?, my new adult children’s book, can inspire you to find out.

I wrote this book as the culmination of an inquiry that started for me when I went to India in 2013. As I rode across India on buses and saw through the window the many different ways in which people lived, the way they interacted with one another, the way they held themselves, I remember thinking, there are a million different ways to live, and every day through our actions we are choosing. It made me wonder, what kind of life am I choosing to create? And who is the one who is choosing? Is it the part of me who yearns for acceptance? The part of me that is my father’s daughter? A sister? A friend? A loved one? I wondered, as my time practicing meditation in India passed day by day, who that essence self was in me…the one who was beyond any role or identification. What had I forgotten about her that I could know call back to life?

Who is the You? invites all readers into their own inquiry. What aspects of yourself are calling to be loved and seen? What qualities were forgotten or supressed that could serve you now? What unclaimed parts of you can you recall and integrate, helping you to feel more fully your wholeness?¬†What twinkle in the eye of the book’s many photographs can light your spark?

There are three ways for you to step into this space.
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Enjoy! And let me know how your exploration goes!